2009.05.18 | One Minutes Train

The One Minutes foundation will show works in progress in the Arsenale Novissimo in Venice including The One Minutes Train (with my contribution from a trip in Switzerland): videos of landscapes passing by, shot through the window of a moving train. A journey through 30 countries.

Where | when?
Exhibition in the Arsenale Novissimo in Venice during the Biennale, in collaboration with the Gerrit Rietveld Academy on 5 June at 5 pm: www.rietveldarsenale.nl

Travelling with One Minutes
The One Minutes Train: A collective art work of landscapes passing by. The journey starts with a one minute in Italy, then on to Switzerland, the Netherlands, Russia, China, India and America before returning to Europe.

The installation consists of 20 monitors in line; moving landscapes. A total of around 280 videos of 30 artists has been selected for this installation.