Tolerance train

Masterclass by Chaz Maviyane–Davies November 22 to 26, 2010

Chaz Maviyane–Davies, a designer from Zimbabwe, fled the country because of his political posters against the dictatorial regime. He now lives and works in Boston.
From November 22 to the 26th 2010, he gave a masterclass in poster design at the KABK in The Netherlands. Theme: "(in)tolerance".

After the introduction on Monday, I went home by train. My attention was caught by some pictograms, dictating travellers to be silent. I figured the image was not complete.

This week Chaz Maviyane–Davies became my hero. He is an extraordinary fast visual thinker and an empathic, dedicated teacher. His presence makes you realize that there are things that need to be said. However, shouting would be a waste of breath. Smart design, that is what makes a lasting impression. Great respect!


Tolerance collage


Tolerance chaz maviyane-davies


Tolerance marvin chaz