Graphic Design Museum | Infodecodata

Video logo for the INFODECODATA exhibition at the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, The Netherlands

Data visualization, the profession that is involved in visualizing and structuring data, has achieved a prominent place in graphic design. How do designers structure complex data? Where do we find the information that we are looking for? Who decides the right filter?

Opens february 10th 2009
"The exhibition presents an overview of information design with image icons, scientific data visualizations, infographics and experimental computer animations. From the invention of the printing press, with which we could for the first time duplicate information, to scientific 3D visualizations of highly complex data".

20 minute looping HD-DVD and 2 minute web video

In cooperation with
Mieke Gerritzen - commissioner
Olga Lundgren - research
Credits to all people who put their stuff on the web for the world to see, copy and paste.