Real Nature Is Not Green

Next Nature
A Next Nature DVD with over twenty visions of artists, scientists, designers, filmmakers and thinkers who present their powerful imagery, radical ideas and visionary statements on how we can design, build and live in the nature caused by people. The Best of Visual Power Shows.

Koert van Mensvoort, Mieke Gerritzen

DVD edit + trailer
Arnoud van den Heuvel (dvd 60 minutes; trailer 1:11 minute)

Video directors
Amir Admoni, Rob Schröder, Olga Busch, Gerald van der Kaap.

All Media 2009

Filmed in
Paradiso Amsterdam (NL), Zeche Zolverein (DE) and the Milion Dollar Theater in Los Angeles (USA) 

Good people of a.o. Hendrik Jan Grievink, Rolf Coppens, Tijn Kooijmans, Floris Kaayk

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