Fake For Real Memory Game



October 2009
The Memory Game about Reality. Click here to play online!

2009, 3d edition
2008, 2nd edition
2007, 1st edition

The Fake For Real Memory Game is a collection of contemporary and historical images that investigate this age–old theme in a playful, visual way. It contains 60 cards featuring pairs of images. The fun lies not just in playing the game but in the illuminating encounter between the images. Real or fake? Realer than real? Faker than fake? You be the judge. It often depends on your frame of reference.

2 (to 5) players. Put the 60 cards face down on the table, shuffle them and lay them out in a grid. One player may begin and turn two cards. If the cards correspond, first read the redactional text from the leaflet (this is very important for your experience of the game)! The player may keep the cards. If the cards do not correspond, the player must revert the cards and wait for the other player(s) to repeat the process. Game's target: to gather as many pairs as possible.

15 cm x 7,5 cm x 5 cm. Cards: 6,5 cm x 6,5 cm.

Hendrik–Jan Grievink

Koert van Mensvoort

Editorial team
Koert van Mensvoort, Hendrik–Jan Grievink, Mieke Gerritzen, Arnoud van den Heuvel, Rolf Coppens and Edwin Degenhart

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